E-Commerce Customs Solutions

Canadian Customs Brokerage: e-Commerce Customs Solutions

  • Penetrate the Canadian market and increase market share
  • Predetermination of landed costs
  • Offer your goods/product in Canadian currency for easy conversion
  • Enhance e-commerce sales to Canada
  • Consistent clearance processing
  • Faster delivery times

Non-Resident Importer Program

One of our more popular services with US online retailers is our e-commerce customs solution.  E-Commerce websites sign up with Clearit.ca to give their Canadian customers a cost-effective and efficient way to clear their shipments arriving in Canada. No longer do shipments enter a fog of paperwork and miscommunication with a broker or transport intermediary. Upon checkout, Clearit.ca receives a shipment notification with the commercial invoices and all pertinent information to clear the shipment into Canada. The Canadian customer is immediately notified of the pending order along with all duties and taxes applicable, at which point they can pay online with a debit or credit card securely on our site. We offer these sites a discount on our already low fees when they can streamline the documentation flow.

What is a non-resident importer?

A non-resident importer is an individual or business not physically located in Canada but designated as a business by both the Canada Revenue Agency and Canada Border Services Agency. This NRI (non-resident importer) is the importer or record for the shipment or shipments entering Canada and is legally responsible for all aspects of importation including payment of all duties, taxes, fees, as well as maintaining import files.

Why should I or my business become a non-resident importer?

As your neighbour to the North, Canada represents a lucrative market for American business. With over 34 million potential consumers, and 90% of those living within 100 miles to the Canada / US border,  most major markets can be accessed from existing American supply chains. The average Canadian consumer greatly resembles that of the american with similar buying habits and high mean annual income. Online retailers should definitely take advantage of this program as more and more Canadians take to the internet for everyday household shopping due to price discrepancies between the two countries (12.8 billion dollars in sales alone in 2007).

How do I or my business become a non-resident importer?

So Easy! just click on the “start your clearance button” and write “NRI” under the importer business number and well take it from there! a quick signature and no more then 24-48 hour waiting time and you’re ready to import to Canada!

Are there any tax benefits to becoming a non-resident importer?

Absolutely! as a non-resident importer, you have the option of registering for a Canadian GST account. This will allow you to claim all of the 5% GST you/your client pays on goods entering the country. Just ask your agent about getting you set up with a GST account.