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Who We Are

Who, What is dedicated to providing the most cost effective Canadian customs brokerage service from around the globe. We strive to utilize new technologies in order to bring you the best service, for the lowest price. We are a full service customs broker specializing in commercial imports, ready to take on any kind of project that comes our way. Whether it is truck cargo, ocean cargo, air cargo, or just a FedEx package, is your go-to Canadian Customs Broker.

When, Where, Why satisfies the need for quick and affordable customs brokerage services to everyday people and small businesses not only in Canada, but around the globe.

Every day, online shoppers and small businesses pay big Customs broker fees for small value items; and while this can be avoided all together by self-clearing your goods, it is not exactly convenient. A self-clear means a drive to-and-from your local CBSA office, filling out a stack of paperwork, the potential for steep penalties for misdeclaring, and of course a cheque for your duties and taxes. The generic customs broker service, geared towards medium and large businesses, are far too expensive and dated business model does not satisfy the current trend. is a quicker, more efficient and cost effective way to handle Customs Clearance requests for those on a budget, or with limited experience with the process. Live on-line customs agents, flat-fee service, automated duty and tax calculators, and online billing & payment are just some of the many ways has managed to revolutionize the customs brokerage industry.

The next time you buy something online or out of the country for yourself or your business, don’t get ripped off by FedEx, UPS, or any other customs broker, save time and money with, Online Canadian Customs Brokers.

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