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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Customs Broker?
Importers who do not wish to transact with Canada Border Services (CBSA) directly may appoint a customs broker to do so on their behalf. A Customs Broker primarily assist in the release and accounting of goods imported to Canada as well as ensures accuracy and compliance with CBSA regulations. In Short, a Customs Broker will save you time and money.
Do I need an Importer number to clear customs?
While it is not mandatory to have an importer number to clear customs, it is highly recommended. As a commercial importer (importing for a business), you should have a GST number to collect and remit taxes. With this number, we can activate your Importer number for a minimal fee. For personal imports, an importer number is not required.
Are there any benefits to importing commercially over personally?
Absolutely. As a personal importer, you are subject to both Federal and Provincial tax and have no recourse to claim said taxes. As a commercial importer, you are only subject to Federal Tax, and may reclaim it through input tax credits.
I own a company that ships frequently to Canada, Can i handle the imports for my Canadian clients?
Yes, you would be a perfect candidate for the Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program. can assist you in penetrating the Canadian market by allowing you to offer your product landed duty paid and remove the need for your client to handle the import effectively leveling the playing field with Canadian suppliers.
What type of customs clearances services do you offer?
+ is a full service customs broker offering customs clearances at every port across Canada. We clear truck, ocean, and Air shipments as well as courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) at a discounted price.
Do you offer any other Services?
+ is a total logistics provider. Our other services include:

  • LTL and FTL truck freight
  • Ocean & Air freight forwarding
  • Discounter parcel service
  • Car imports
  • Customs Consulting
  • e-commerce customs solutions
Why should I use over another customs brokerage service?
With, you get professional service, now, when you need it. Our prices are very competitive and we make the process easy!
Can I review the shipment before it is submitted to Customs?
Yes, but you must ask your agent beforehand. If you would like to review your entries before submitted to customs, simply inform your agent of this and copies of your B3 and invoice will be forwarded to you prior to release.
If I spot an error, can it be corrected?
Absolutely, if you see an error on your B3 or invoice, or would like to have your goods processed under a different HS code, an amendment can be made instantly within the first 72 hours of submitting your entry. After 72 hours, we will have to file a claim on your behalf.
How Long does a customs clearance take?

This depends:

For truck shipments, the customs clearance process is seamless. We use a pre-alert system with customs so that goods are cleared as the truck passes the border. We cannot process your customs request however, until transport has sent us the PARS manifest

For ocean shipments, we can begin to customs clear your goods as soon as the manifest arrives from your forwarder, however, goods must arrive at the port, be de-stuffed & on the warehouse floor before customs clearance is complete

For air shipments, the process is quite quick. With the airway bill, we can process your goods for customs before they even become available for delivery.

How do I pay for the duties, taxes or fees?
With you can pay your bill online by either Visa, MasterCard or Interac Online. We also now accept Visa and MasterCard debit. Ask your agent for payment details.
Do you offer volume pricing?
Yes, contact us for more information. We are always willing to work with client needs.
The Clearit Way

The Three Crucial Aspects of a Good Customs Broker: Smooth Processing, a Great Service Offer and Affordability

But we wanted to offer you even more than that.

We understand how busy life can be, and when you import goods, you don’t need the extra hassle to fill out forms, study lengthy regulations and enter into a time consuming back and forth with Customs. That’s what we are here for! What made us the favourite Canadian Customs brokers among our clients?

We’ve made importing and clearing your goods as easy as 1-2-3.

Whether you are importing privately or commercially, Clearit offers you all the tools and support you need – conveniently in one place. Get your computer, tablet or smart phone and you are ready to go. Have your questions answered and chat with our Live Customs Agents, or go right ahead, create your account with us and submit our simple clearance form online.

It’s online, it’s simple and it’s fast

Our customs certified service team will handle your imports reliably and efficiently from cradle to grave. You can simply lean back and wait for your goods to arrive! Best of all, if you have any questions or you need more information, it’s all here on our site and at your fingertips. Helpful tools like a free import calculator or an HS code quick search.

Who knew that clearing could be so easy?

Our mission is to be the customs broker that uncomplicates your life. Through our easy-to-use online process you have the option to involve us as much or as little as you want. We handle courier, ocean, air and truck cargo, and our services range from
Customs Brokerage
Cross-Border Trucking
Freight Forwarding
Car Imports
Discounter Parcel Service to
Consultancy and much more …click here to view our complete list

Enjoy the advantages of real time clearance across all ports in Canada

Out-of-date information could cost you money. Our experienced and skilled customs brokers are always on top of the latest government policies and regulations, and they expertly handle procedures and required documentation. We have simplified what can be a stressing and time-consuming process into an efficient and very cost effective system that gets your products, goods and equipment quickly and reliably to you. Besides regular shipments, we also clear courier shipments (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) at a discounted price.

ClearIt is a full service customs broker for commercial and personal importers

As a complete logistics provider, we handle a wide spectrum of freight, from LTL/LCL (Less than a truckload/containerload) to FTL/FCL (Full truck/container load). One thing you can rely on – You’ve never had an easier freight forwarder and customs broker to deal with. You can rely on our long history of providing high quality service and on the fact that we are passionate about offering the best customer service there is when it comes to clearing your shipment. In a nutshell – We’ve got your back!

We help U.S. retailers do business in Canada
Our popular ecommerce customs solution is based on the Canadian Non-Resident Importer Program. It provides Canadian customers with a cost effective and efficient way to clear goods and shipments arriving in Canada that were purchased in the United States. It offers U.S. retailers a lucrative opportunity to gain more market share and enhances e-commerce, as well as brick and mortar sales to Canada. Find out more

And if you need further assistance, we are happy to provide you with our consultancy service
Whether the different tariff categories are a mystery to you or you are not sure what mode of shipment is the best option, whether you need a better understanding of the duties and taxes that apply to your shipment or you are interested in doing business with China – We are here to support and assist you all the way. Clearit – Your number One customs broker and logistics provider in Canada!

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