Customs clear your cargo or package online in minutes in just a few easy steps…

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Step One Signup

At this point, you may have already chatted briefly with one of our agents over our LIVE chat or received a quote from our automated duties and tax calculator. In order to actually get the ball rolling you will need to create an account & submit a request for a clearance.

1) Visit our homepage and click on “Start your Clearance” or “Login/Signup

2) Enter your email & password of your choice

3) Complete our quick account set up form and select your importer status (Personal, Commercial, or Non-Resident Importer)

For commercial shipments, be sure to fill in the “Importer/Business Number” field, this is a 9 digit number followed by RM0001 or RT0001 (e.g.: 123456789RM0001).

Step Two Submitting a request

Now that you have completed your account set up, you are ready to take advantage of’s many service offerings. In order to submit a request for customs clearance, simply click on the GREEN TILE and give us some quick info about your shipment.

Don’t worry if you do not have all the information or documents requested, it can be updated with your live agent at anytime.

Step Three Working with our Agents

After submitting your request, you will automatically receive a ticket confirming a customs clearance file has been opened. Within 2 minutes of receiving this, you will receive a secondary email from you assigned asking you for any missing information or documentation.

If you have not yet electronically signed our Power of Attorney, your agent will instruct you to do so.

Step Four Waiting for your clearance

Now that you have submitted all the required information and documentation your agent will contact your transport company and insure that we are set up to receive customs paperwork to clear.

Here at, we believe we have the fastest turnaround time when it comes to processing your paperwork for customs but, we cannot clear what has not arrived. Although you may have submitted all your forms and paperwork to the agent, your goods still may not be ready to clear. Your boat may still be a few days away, truck may have gotten delayed while on route, or who knows?! Patience is a virtue in customs, and as soon as we received documents to clear your goods, it will be processed immediately.

Step Five Paying your invoice

Once your agent has processed your entry for customs, he/she will send you an invoice, B3 Customs breakdown, as well as a link for payment online. Payment can be made via Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) or Debit Card. Once payment has been confirmed, the data will be released to customs for CBSA to clear.

That’s it! Your goods are now customs cleared and on their way for delivery. You will receive an instant, automated notification via email indicating the exact time and date your goods cleared.

Pricing Lowest Customs Brokerage Fees Guaranteed

Starting at just $34.95 plus applicable duties and taxes which includes 5 tariff lines.

Most of the below fees will not be applicable but your agent will advise you if they are:

For more information on pricing, please contact us.

Services Full Service Customs Clearance

We are a full service customs broker, CONTACT US, if you need any of the following services:

We’ve made Customs Clearance easy for you, with the help of the latest technology and our experienced customs brokers.

Forget about working your way through loads of paperwork, long waiting times and making endless telephone calls to follow up. At we have combined our expertise and the right tools to develop a process that makes customs clearance in Canada smooth and easy. Follow these simple steps and you should be holding your merchandise in your hands in no time.

Our friendly Clearit agents and a team of skilled Canadian customs brokers are on standby to guide you through the necessary steps. You don’t even have to leave home or your business anymore to clear your freight. We know how hectic life can be these days, that’s why we have introduced an online process that revolutionizes the industry. Are you ready?

Here is how it works:

Visit us at and click on “start your clearance” or “signup” to create your account – or if you are an existing client, simply log in. You are now looking at your freight dashboard. Here you can submit requests for customs clearances or any of our other services. Live agents are standing by via our live chat window to assist you using any of our product features. This includes: uploading your shipping information and the necessary documents needed for clearance, getting freight quotes, etc.

Once a request for clearance has been submitted, your assigned agent will take over and process the necessary paperwork for you, which goes via our live EDI link straight to customs where the customs clearing process starts. Electronic Data Interchange or EDI allows us to exchange your documents electronically with customs. Your data is simply transferred from the Clearit computer system to customs, via standardized message, a technology we use to speed up the process and achieve faster results.

We send off all accounting documents and the B3 form. B3 is the term for the Canada Customs coding form, which details the harmonized classification code used for the goods being imported. It also outlines the duty and taxes applicable to the goods, and whether NAFTA was applied to the shipment. NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) regulates preferential tariff treatment for goods that originate in the NAFTA region.

Once your customs clearance is completed, your invoice and B3 form will be posted to your account and a request for payment will be made. Remember that your invoice must be paid in full before goods can cross the border. We have made it easy for you, and you can conveniently and securely pay online with your credit or debit card. A Clearit agent and customs broker will support you during the entire clearing procedure.

While we pride ourselves to offer extra smooth transactions and fast results, it is good to remember that there are a few things that are unfortunately beyond our control – We cannot clear what has not arrived yet, and depending on your type of shipment, freight might not immediately be available for customs clearance. If you ship by boat, for example, be aware that it can take up to two days after your boat has docked before your merchandise is available for clearance. If you are importing goods via air cargo, the plane must be on the ground and the goods taken to the warehouse before we can start clearing. If your goods come by truck, remember that we will only receive clearance documents from your carrier 6-12 hours prior to crossing the border. Clearances will be completed once the truck has successfully crossed the border.

However, the second your goods clear customs, we’ll send you an instant notification via email!