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Trudeau Urged to Strengthen Canada-Mexico Relations

With the upcoming arrival of President-elect Trump in the White House, accompanied with his desire to renegotiate or simply remove the United States from international trade deals; leading experts in U.S.- Canada relations are urging Prime minister Trudeau to strengthen Canada’s ties with Mexico.

Laura Dawson, director of the Canada Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington, mentioned in front of the Senate foreigh-affairs committee: “If the worst happens and the United States does withdraw from NAFTA and does impose the punitive policies that we hear about towards Mexico, it does not benefit Canada at all to pull away from that relationship as well.”

Emphasizing that Canada must make all efforts to build stronger ties with Mexico as Donald Trump will move into the White House with his anti-trade policies and his deep intention to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Former diplomat, vice-president and fellow member at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, Colin Robertson, echoed Dawson’s comments mentioning that Trump’s election will be trouble for Canada’s relation with the U.S. and Mexico. Robertson went so far as comparing the effect of the Trump election to the cold splash following 9/11. “Strengthening the partnership with Mexico makes strategic sense for Canada.”

Canada Lifts Visa Requirements on Mexicans Entering Canada

Robertson had praise for the Liberal government’s decision to lift a visa requirement on Mexicans wishing to enter Canada. He sees it as a good first step in the right direction, but more needs to be done.

With Mr. Trump’s intentions to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, essentially killing it, Robertson believes strongly that Mexico and Canada could be able to salvage some points of the TPP and also the Norh American free-trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Truth be told, even if the U.S. were to pull out on NAFTA, the trade agreement would still hold between Mexico and Canada. Robertson is suggesting we have a good look at what we had negotiated in the TPP and use the best parts of it after all.

Without jumping to conclusion, it appears Mr. Trump might be having second thoughts about pulling out of NAFTA. In a recent video released outlining his plan for his first 100 days in office, he left out any mention of NAFTA.