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Customs Broker: Top 10 Reasons to use

In its 2 years since launching, has gone from simple customs clearance service to an all-in-one small business solution. The following are the top 10 reasons to be using as your Customs Broker and logistics specialist

10) Real, usable content’s Forms & Doc center offers most international customs documents in PDF format so you can fill them in online and print and the commercial guide to importing is a must read for any start up business looking to import their products from outside the country.

9) Non-Resident Importer Program

Many brokers offer this, but non make it apparent. The non-resident importer program is a great tool for businesses outside of Canada to sell to their Canadian clients landed duty paid and in Canadian currency; effectively leveling the playing field for foreign sellers to Canada

8) Direct freight bookings

Enjoy the ease of an online service? Try booking your truck, ocean, or air freight directly through – They use their contacts in the industry for some of the sharpest rates around

7) Free Duty and Tax Calculator

need a detailed breakdown of expected import Costs? Use the FREE duty and tax calculator for the most accurate Import Duties & tax quote. Use it to calculate your own profits or build it into your pricing as an exporter – it’s totally FREE!

6) Import a car

This may not be for business but…over the past couple of years, a growing trend in Canada has been to purchase cars in the USA and import directly to Canada for some serious savings. If you’re thinking of importing a Car, use our Car import Calculator and weight your options!

5) Personalized Service

Each registration on is assigned it’s own personal agent, available Monday-Friday equipped with all the knowledge and tools required to assist and consult on any customs matter – Even better you get the same agent every time you return.

4) Clearit Express Discount Parcel Service

no need to wait for your shipping needs to be large enough for big business discounts. Sign up and immediately start saving up to 40% on major carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. Enter Shipment dimensions; choose your carrier based on price and service, print your waybill & a truck is automatically dispatched for pickup! Shipping and saving money has never been Easier.

3) e-commerce solutions

Run an online business outside of Canada nad looking to penetrate the market??? is equipped with all the tools necessary in assisting you to take your small business up to competitive standards. We can facilitate the importation; assist you in local and international transport, international warehousing and offer supply chain management with our overseas and local agents.

2) One invoice – Paid online

All logistics services billed together and payable online by credit card or debit card – what more is there to say?

1) Easy to use, online platform

No more phone calls, faxes, and headaches. The simplified online process makes processing your requests easy as pie. Fill out a quick form, upload your documents, and pay online.


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