On April 19, the union representing federal government workers (PSAC/AFPC) went on strike. This ongoing action continues to impact numerous government services nationwide.

Here are some areas in which the strike may affect you:

Import and export permits

According to Global Affairs Canada, most import and export permit recipients should not be affected due to the labor disruptions. However, a prolonged labor disruption could lead to certain impacts for “a small number” of permit recipients, and service delays may occur.

Border crossings

Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) states that it expects that services will be maintained during the labor disruption, however there’s still some concern that slowdowns at the border may occur since CBSA’s administrative staff are participating in the strike. Things like inspections of goods and cargo clearances may be delayed at air, sea, and land ports.


Approximately 39,000 employees of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are on strike. The tax filing deadlines have not changed, but many CRA services are expected to be delayed or unavailable. This includes delays in processing returns and increased wait times in the contact centres. The Business Tax Enquiries line is closed, however the online My Business Account service will continue to be available.


The Canadian Transportation Agency has stated that regulatory activities, including air, rail and marine determinations, will continue with possible delays. Dispute resolutions may also be subject to delays. Receiving information about programs and services, and replies to queries, will likely be delayed. To stay informed on trade news and other important updates, PARTNER UP WITH A CUSTOMS BROKER HERE