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Do i need a Customs Broker?

Here at, we get a lot of clients asking us if hiring a customs broker is really necessary. has many free, self serve tools to facilitate customs without the help of a broker such as an automated duty & tax calculator, HS code quick search, etc. So “why pay someone to do something i can do myself”?


Clearing goods through customs is beyond time consuming and can drive the layman crazy. with so many rules, regulations, permits etc. the short answer to “do i need a customs broker?” is “hells yes”.  


So…what does a Customs Broker do exactly?

A customs broker, or at least a good one anyways, is your go-to for any border related issues. Your broker should be calculating duties as well as related taxes and advising you ahead of time, Should make you aware of any and all rules and regulations concerning the import of your goods (while saving you money and helping you avoid penalties), and of course ensure your goods are cleared through customs in an timely and seamless manner. 

but what sets the good customs brokers apart from the bad ones? besides for pricing, what can you look for in a “good customs broker“? A good broker is like a business partner and like any other business partner, you want someone who is responsive, available, transparent, and above all, Smart. A smart customs broker will offer great advice on risk management and reduction, improve your bottom line through the reduction of tariffs, taxes, and refunds, and streamline your entire business processes. 


customs broker canada 

The Customs Broker Advantage Customs Brokers has developed a reputation of not only having some of the lowest brokerage fees in the industry, but one of the most technologically advanced and responsive as well. In an industry that has not changed much since the invention of the typewriter, has taken advantage of the world wide web as well as automated computer systems. 

  • Our automated Duty & Tax Calculator allows you quickly and easily assess the total cost of import and allow you to make informed decisions whether a particular product or product line is for you.
  • The automated HS code Search allows importers and exporters alike to easily classify their goods for international shipping 
  • Live Customs agents ticketing system allows for 24/7 contact with your customs broker and a single point of contact for all your customs needs – ask them anything!
  • Smart Brokerour Live chat options available on every page of allows for anyone, client or not, to ask qualified customs professionals anything they like at ZERO cost
  • Document Upload puts an end to mailing and faxing documents. Upload documents directly to our clearance form and pull them up any time for review 
  • Discount parcel shipping allows for big discounts in parcel shipping without the volume minimums – box is automatically picked up at your door and you can print off your own waybill!
  • Our Forms & Docs section makes finding the right customs forms and filling them out online easy. if you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask us and well add it to the site 
  • The Non-Resident Importer Program helps our American clients penetrate and flourish in the Canadian market by allowing them to sell to their clients landed duty paid – effectively placing them on a level playing field with Canadian suppliers
  • Online payment processing makes it quick and easy to pay any invoice by Visa, MasterCard or Canadian debit card.
  • is filled with real, usable content. The best clients are educated clients, and that’s what we have set out to do with our blog; educate our clients so they can maximize their business


Last but certainly not least, you can always count on the service promise. We are not some faceless corporation that could not care less about our clients – We want you to flourish. The more we can help you or your business, the more we both profit. If you have any issues with service or pricing, we would be then happy to work something out. Our executives are heavily involved in the day to day operations of the company, so if you feel that an agent or manager has not adequately met expectations, ask to speak with the president himself!



Although this post has only scratched the surface of what it means to work with a good Customs Broker, we hope it helped!