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Starting an Import Business

We love small business! We can’t stress this enough to people emailing and calling us with their questions about importing.  Many people are just starting out or thinking of starting their own import business from around the world.  We love working with clients in the start-up phase and watching them flourish! If you’re using, you’re already a successful business person in our books – where else can you get your shipments customs cleared while you wait?

If you’re importing a product from another country, its probably because it isn’t made in Canada or the supplier you have found has a better product at a lower cost.  In any case, importing to Canada is a terrific way to expose new products to the market and help consumers have a choice in price and quality.  The world is filled with new, unique products that prove to be very marketable in the Canadian market.  

Finding the right supplier is very important to your import business. After all, you will represent the product yourself in Canada.  Many products must be sourced outside of our borders because a manufacturer of similar articles doesn’t exist in Canada. Many people find suppliers over the internet.  Many websites exist to link buyers and sellers all around the world(eg:  A lot of success can be found using these websites, but always make sure to get samples, and if needed visit the manufacturer to view the facilities, working conditions and capacity to produce.  If a visit is not possible, ask for trade references, or even try to view the set-up via Skype or similar video chat platform.  Communication is key to ensure you get what you want, and what you ultimately pay for.  

Once you have your supply, and on your side….you’re a few steps closer to a successful importing business.

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