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Shipping As An Individual Or Shipping as a Business? Customs Brokers Can Help With Both

Customs brokerage services know the process of importing and exporting better than anyone else—it’s their job, and because it’s their job, it doesn’t need to be yours. With intimate knowledge of all aspects of the importing and exporting process, customs brokers make your life easier.

With their comprehensive grasp on the specific needs and logistics of cross-border shipping, customs brokers are available to help both business and individuals get their goods where they need to go.

Shipping as an individual

If you’re only importing a one-time shipment, you might not know why a customs broker can help—but anyone who has tried to import goods over the border knows it’s never simple, even as an individual. Even if you’re not planning on doing further business with the goods you receive, there are countless pieces of legislation, documentation, and fees you need to keep track of.

Customs brokers can help you keep the headache at bay. Your goods are important—a customs broker knows that. Big purchases, such as a car, being handled by a customs broker means you don’t have to deal with finicky details, like keeping in mind just how long beforehand you need to give notice before importing a vehicle over the border.

Instead of stressing about customs procedures, contacting a customs broker means your shipment arrives without hassle, so you can get to enjoying your imported goods.

Shipping as a business

Customs brokers make shipping cross-border easy and painless for businesses as well. Importing goods to sell on your own means trying to keep track of even more requirements than shipping single, individual goods. Tariffs require the correct tariff codes, different ports of entry have different clearance requirements, different goods need different inspections—customs procedures are a full time job.

A customs brokerage service knows that, and it is their full time job—it doesn’t have to be yours. Importing with a customs broker starts with passing off your commercial invoice and the details of your goods and shipment and ends with your goods in the right place at the right time with no extra legwork from you.

You need to do business, and you need your goods to do so. A customs broker can make sure your imports are always ready.

Whether you’re looking to import a single, personal item or goods for sale, a customs broker can help.

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