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The Secret To Building A Solid Reverse Logistics Strategy

It’s no secret that businesses are turning to e-commerce to accommodate a wider range of customers. As a result, businesses now face unique challenges, from shipping, processing, returns, inventory, and beyond – a direct result from the online shopping boom.

Point blank, the more customers shop online, the more businesses should look into creating a smooth returns process, i.e. a reverse logistics strategy, to enhance customer experience.

Below, we’ve outlined our top tips for building a reverse logistics strategy that will keep it simple for you and customers.


Your team needs to continuously learn from the returns process. Once a product is successfully returned, process the shipment as accurately as possible. From determining the sender — to reimbursing the customer and identifying the order — to finally preparing the product for resale.

A misstep here can be quite costly, as incorrect information can confuse the process, delaying the customer’s reimbursement and your business’ resale of the product.


A well-rounded reverse logistics process should empower you with insights into customers’ behaviors. More specifically, knowing exactly why customers choose to return your product(s) will help you adapt the product to avoid issues in the future.

Detailed data collection will also help you manage your inventory more efficiently.


It is not only the responsible thing to do, but it also makes sense in terms of dollars and cents to participate in the circular economy. You should work to determine the potential reuse of returned products, like possible resale or liquidation.


Reverse logistics is not only an internal process, but borne of strategic partnerships as well. Third party logistics providers (3PLs) are a great solution to building out your partnership network with professional connections throughout the shipping and logistics industry.

Building a strong reverse logistics network and strategy starts with earning the trust of your valuable customers. Offering seamless, smooth returns is a surefire way of developing long term customers. Today, online shoppers demand positive return experiences, and the businesses that accomodate will rise to the top. Need more info? Drop us a line here.