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Personal Exemptions: What to expect Cross-Border Shopping

Everyone and their uncle have a different number when it comes to the value of goods you can bring back with you from the USA duty and tax free. Whether it’s for a day, a weekend, or a month – We’re setting the record straight on personal exemptions.


As a Canadian Citizen or Resident of Canada returning from abroad, duties and taxes are applicable on all purchases unless you qualify for a personal exemptions. 

If you have been outside Canada for:

  • Less than 24 hours: Personal exemption does not apply
  • 24 hours or more: $200.00 CAD worth of goods free of duty and tax – any more then a $200.00 value and all duties and taxes will apply. 
  • 48 hours or more: $800.00 CAD worth of goods free of duty and tax


Children, no matter what age, are eligible for personal exemptions so long as the goods are being declared for their own personal use. Children are not entitled to alcohol or tobacco exemptions.


Please note: Personal exemption may not apply to all tobacco and alcohol products


For more information on tobacco and alcohol product limits, please see Alcohol and tobacco limits: What to expect when traveling abroad.


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