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Online Customs Clearance: Live online when you need it is Canada’s first and only provider of online customs clearance and customs brokerage service.  Many people ask us why we would take a traditional service like customs brokerage and bring it online.  The answer is simple, we know what you want.  You want your shipment customs cleared with the least amount of steps, in the least amount of time, all while saving some money. You can call another customs broker, ask for their sales department and wait a few hours or days until someone calls you back who doesn’t care about your shipment, or you can submit a request for clearance and immediately talk to a operator who’s only interest is to serve you well and service you quickly.’s online customs clearance service is for you whether you are a one-time importer or you have hundreds of shipment per year. We are online so that you can talk to us when you need us and so you never feel like you are alone in the (sometimes) scary land of Canadian customs clearance.

Online Customs Clearance Online Customs Clearance