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Online Customs Broker: Why you should clear customs with, Your online Customs broker


What is a Customs Broker?

Before we get begin, let’s take a look at what a customs broker does exactly.  A customs broker is appointed by an importer (or exporter) who does not wish to deal or transact directly with Canada Border Services Agency. A Customs Broker’s primary job is to ensure accuracy and compliance of goods being imported by properly submitting a B3 to customs as well as collecting and remitting duties and taxes. Some other duties include arranging final transportation, paying your freight forwarder, etc.


The traditional Broker

Your traditional brokerage model hasn’t changed very much since….well, the beginning of time. It can take up to several days to open a customs brokerage account and getting your goods cleared is a matter of blind trust. You have printed off, signed, and faxed back your power of attorney and credit request applications and you believe you have followed instructions and sent in all necessary documents. Your file is then passed around the office to the appropriate person. This may mean that someone who has never handled one of your files before will be doing your customs clearance simply because it is coming in by another mode of transportation. Hopefully you will not get a frantic phone call from a shipping company telling you your goods are stalled at the border and will run into storage soon.


How does being an online Customs Broker make a difference? has revolutionized the Customs Brokerage industry in Canada. Having an online model allows importers to easily set up an account in minutes and submit a request for clearance. All documents can be electronically signed and there is no credit request needed. Each individual client is assigned a customs agent who will handle all incoming shipments. No more having your file passed around an office. Whether it is coming in by Air, ocean, or truck, your trusted agent will handle the process from A-Z. All transactions and supporting documents are logged in your account for easy access and accounting and your agent is available to you at any time through our LIVE workspace.

Looking for some information on importing? Our website has tons of useable content including standards Customs documents, guides to importing, HS code look-up, a duty and tax calculator and so much more, all completely free! Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Just start typing in our live chat box and one of our agents will be happy to help you out with any of your needs.


Why use over a traditional Customs Broker

With, you get reliable, professional service NOW, when you need it. No more frantic phone calls, just a couple of clicks and you are all set. Forget about being left in the dark, your agent will communicate with you the status of your goods throughout the entire process and all customs clearances are confirm by automatic release notification from Canada border Services Agency in real time. Our prices are competitive and quite simply, we make it easy!


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