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What You Need to Know About the New Ocean Carrier Alliances

new ocean alliances

What is an ocean alliance?

Different ocean carriers ally strategically to form mutually beneficial agreements; airlines also organizes themselves in this way. The new ocean alliances refer to updates in these strategic partnerships. Typically, these alliances allow ocean carriers to share their fleet, and grow their shipping range.

Chances are, if your business is thinking of shipping internationally, you will likely be shipping with ocean carriers. After all, shipping by boat is still by far the most affordable mode of transport.

As of April 2017, these alliances have shifted– forming 3 main alliances in lieu of 4.

We may not have a clear idea of exactly what the impacts on the new ocean carrier alliances, and it shows. Overall, North American shippers haven’t voiced much concern on the issue so far. Perhaps because these alliances are normally non-permanent, and their compositions change every few years.

You can prepare for the changes by taking a few actions:

Contacting carriers to ensure they will make stops at the needed ports

Raising your prices to accommodate potentially higher fees

Working with a broker to simplify the process

If you have any more questions, you can contact a certified customs agent here.