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New CBSA Trade Compliance Verification Priorities

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) recently released a list of tariff classifications, valuations, and origins that it intends to target for audits in the second half of the year.

New Tariff Classifications cover many items

New tariff classifications of interest include batteries, gazebos, apparel samples, ethylene bags, shoes worth more than $30 per pair, hair extensions, machinery for public works, certain sacks and bags, special purpose motor vehicles, and primary-form polyurethanes. Jewelry is a new addition to the origin category.

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The CBSA will continue to look closely at tariff classifications for fresh cut flowers, pickled vegetables, curling irons, eyeglass lenses, non-household furniture, palm oil, certain chemical products, safety headgear, seaweed, modified starches, disposable safety gloves, wheel rims and spokes, and coconut milk from Asian countries; valuations of fresh cut flowers, apparel, footwear, yachts, and pastry cooks’ products; and origins of bedding and drapery, mattress upholstery, cotton pants, and T-shirts.

Audits not Restricted to These Items

It is important to note that audits will not be restricted to items on the list. The CBSA will also rely on statistical information and the complaints it receives to determine which importers to target.

With that in mind, the best practice is to make sure that you’re in compliance with trade regulations no matter what category of goods you’re dealing with. Being able to readily answer questions and present justifications will make any audit that occurs much less of a headache, and getting things right to begin with will avoid the need for major changes later. A knowledgeable customs broker or an attorney with import expertise can be a great help in evaluating your own compliance before the CBSA does it for you.