Want to ship to an inland port? Here's what you need to know |

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Want to ship to an inland port? Here’s what you need to know

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Shipping goods can be logistically arduous for a few reasons– especially if you’re a small business and shipment processing isn’t your main focus. One key factor will be to determine whether the package’s destination will be to a marine or inland port.

The bottom line is that there are cost considerations for both port options. If your business isn’t saving money in the port you choose, it may be time to reconsider your shipping logistic network.

We’ve rounded up a few reasons to choose inland ports over a marine port for you to consider:

Inland ports are rapidly growing

Inland ports can double as business distribution centres. Shipped goods can be off loaded and then switched over to another mode of transportation. As a business owner, you reap the benefits of providing cost efficient service to your customers as well as lowering total landed costs.

Skip the big markets

The challenge of building an efficient and cost effective logistics network is choosing the locations to ship to and store your products. It sometimes makes more financial sense to skip over large ports like Vancouver to take advantage of inland ports’ larger ability to accommodate warehouses.

Access to ample warehouse space

While coastal ports are typically used by companies to move inventory quickly to customers, inland ports are a great place to hold inventory for further sorting and processing in preparation to ship out afterwards. Inland ports tend to have a lot more available square footage for storage overall.

What are inland costs and who charges them?

Inland costs are the costs from the port. They are based on weight, dimensions, etc. The warehouses accepting the cargo are the ones charging the inland costs.

Building an efficient goods transportation network is no simple task, but it’s important to look closely at your shipping processes in order to save valuable time and money for your business. Clearit has the expertise to give you a thorough, yet simple assessment for your importing needs. Click here for more information on how you can consult with our team.