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6 Imported Goods Actually Doing Really Well During the Pandemic

It’s been our mission to ensure that we’re on the ball when it comes to any and all news related to the Coronavirus pandemic, as it impacts the global market. Our duty as a customs broker and consulting agency is to make sure we’re providing importers with timely information that they can trust.

You may have seen the quick interview we did with our founder & president, Adam Lewis. We chatted with him to get his perspective on the evolving situation in the industry. If you haven’t it yet, you can get it a read here! It also includes tips on how to weather the storm.

We also covered new regulations by CBSA for importing medical equipment. Read here.

Today, we wanted to take a moment to look over the list that the BBC put out. They penned an article about 6 surprising goods that are booming in sales right now. We wanted to take this opportunity to go over the imported goods. Perhaps there’s an opening for your business!? 

Here’s the list:

Wellness Equipment & Bicycles

Gyms, fitness clubs, and other wellness facilities have had to close their doors for the time being. But people still want to stay in shape while they stay home! They’ve also been purchasing bikes en masse as well, which has a dual use of exercise and travel.

fitness importing goods

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Games of all kinds, including things like table tennis and board games are climbing their way up the charts. As we all are social distancing and quarantining, people are looking for means of entertainment — whether that be inside their house or out.

Home & Garden Improvement Gear

Next up: home decor, plant seeds, furniture, etc. With people spending so much time in their houses, it’s only natural that they want to change things up or make improvements. This is also a great way for people to keep active!

Books & Other Reading Materials

Continuing along the entertainment vein, people are flocking to books and reading materials. This is also a great way for parents to reduce kids’ screen time. Also, picture books are a fun way to entertain the kids, too!

Here are some of Amazon’s top selling books right now:

top books amazon imports

Food Storage: Fridges and Freezers

With people feeling the need to stockpile food and other supplies in their homes as a result of the pandemic, people now need a place to put all this stuff! There’s been a spike in fridge and freezer purchases as people grapple with how to store it all.

Coffee & Coffee Products

Looks like people are also looking to supplement their daily coffee run before work with some fancier coffee items, coffee machines, and fancy coffee grinds. These types of products are also experiencing a surge in purchases right now.



All things considered, the unfortunate truth is that there will be some businesses that see increases, while others are seeing major falls. It hasn’t been easy for businesses to change their models on such a short notice, as a result of the pandemic. We’ve all seen layoffs, factory closures, a dip in spending — and there are many different kinds of imported products that’ll continue to see a decrease for now.

We’ve been working diligently with importers of all sizes to look at their options during this time and make the right decision for their needs. With the market in the place that it is right now, there is no solution that businesses can simply copy-paste, so it’s incredibly important to proceed with caution.

If you’d like to learn more about how Clearit can help you during this time, you can start the conversation here.