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How can help my small business? Part 1: Why a Broker?

Before we get into why you should be using over other brokers, let’s begin by discussing why you need a customs broker in the first place…

Navigating customs, whether it be Canadian, American, or any other country is no simple task. Accuracy and strict compliance with customs regulations is paramount, and the smallest of errors can account for stiff penalties. So what can a broker do for you?

With written authorization, a broker may transact on behalf of their clients many aspects of business including but not limited to:

  • Registering for a business number (BN), importer/exporter account
  • Submitting refund/adjustment requests (B2)
  • Preparing release (interim accounting) documentation
  • Preparing final accounting documentation
  • Remitting payment of duties and taxes

These tasks may seem mundane, but for someone unfamiliar with the customs process, it can be very complicated, extremely time consuming, and can save you a few trips to the border crossing.  Check out part 2 here.

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