How can help my small business? Part 2: American businesses's Blog on Customs Brokerage and News Updates

How can help my small business? Part 2: American businesses

To many American businesses, of all sizes,Canada is a lucrative marketplace with over 32 million consumers. Thanks to emerging e-commerce opportunities, it is becoming easier and easier to tap this market and broaden sales. One element that has remained a problem though, is the border.

Many Canadian consumers pay for items online from the states, only to receive a second bill from the shipping/courier company (FedEx, UPS, etc.) for brokerage work, duties, and taxes. This may come as a surprise to most, and may put off a potentially returning client.

Solution: Non-Resident Importer Program

 The NRI program simply allows a company to become the importer of record for shipments going intoCanada, even without a physical presence there. Simply put, as a non-resident importer, you can relieve your customers of the responsibility of importations and be able to quote delivered prices.

FAQ: Will my company be responsible for paying the duties and taxes on the items we ship toCanada?

The simple answer is: it depends. There is a number of ways you can configure yourself with and the NRI program. For example:

1)      integrate pricing into your checkout, and become the importer of record

2)   Have send an automatic email to your client post-checkout indicating items are being customs cleared and to make a simple payment online

With and the NRI Program:

Sell on a “delivered price” basis

Remove the border from your customers

Create a domestic purchasing environment

Control the process by managing the border

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