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Going International: The Advantages Of E-Commerce Across The Border

Trying to expand your business internationally is daunting. Keeping track of different legal requirements for different countries, getting the right permits, sending your goods through the correct channels—it might seem like more hassle than it’s worth.

However, with a dedicated customs broker, it doesn’t have to be. Customs brokers open up international business for your company by handling the logistics of non-resident importing.

If you’ve never considered international e-commerce for your business, here are some advantages:

Bigger customer base

The most obvious advantage of going international with your business is access to a bigger customer base. International business opens your goods up to markets such as Canada, with a population of over 30 million people ready to receive your goods.

A bigger customer base means more revenue for you, and using a customs broker to reach that base means you don’t have to put in even more time and expense arranging customs and shipping.

Different, niche markets

Every population has different needs and desires. Goods that don’t sell well with one regional customer base might be in high demand with another. Expanding internationally means more market for goods that are not in demand all over a single country.

Winter gear isn’t going to sell well in Florida, for example, but in Canada high-quality skis, winter coats, and other cold weather goods are far more likely to be in demand. Expanding north as a non-resident importer can mean bringing in a customer base that you don’t need to convince to buy your goods.

International reputation and brand recognition

Increased presence internationally means your brand will be recognized internationally. While a bigger customer base brings in more revenue, it has a second benefit—increased word of mouth.

Breaking into e-commerce means word of mouth advertising for your business goes international.

Being able to grow your brand recognition in a way you’ve never been able to before is good news for you and your bottom line as more and more customers become interested in your goods.

Expanding into international e-commerce is a smart decision for your business. If you’re ready to break into new markets as a non-resident importer, click here.