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FOB Canada Program

Have you ever thought of offering your customers an FOB Canada program? Many customers ask us to help them develop a program for them whereby they can sell their products to Canadian buyers landed duty paid. Whether you are shipping from the United States, or overseas can simplify your life by creating shipping points inside Canada. Imagine how many more customers will buy from you!

At we are a team of customs and trade professionals. Yes, we are the first to provide online customs clearance, and as a licensed customs broker, we are able to consult you on some of the smartest and most coat effective ways of setting up FOB Canada programs.

Lots of US companies sell to the Canadian market and leave potential buyers scratching their heads saying “how am I supposed to import it to Canada?”. can represent the buyer in Canada and retain them as their online customs broker, or we can represent the buyer and be their go-to site for online customs clearance.

Be smart, use!


FOB Canada | Online Canadian Customs Brokerage

FOB Canada | Online Canadian Customs Brokerage