Exporting from Canada: A checklist

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Exporting from Canada: A checklist

Exporting goods from Canada is similar to importing and while Clearit.ca does not handle exports ourselves, here is some information on exports you should know:


Again, much like importing, in order to exporting from Canada is easy. First, obtain a Business/BN number from the CRA in order to open your import/export account. This should be done at least a week before shipping off your goods to avoid delays at the border. You can file for an importer number yourself, or for a small fee, have a customs broker do it for you. Remember to use your legal and operating name when filling your request for a Business number. The name must match on all documents (invoices, Bill of lading) or your goods may get held up at the border.


Exporting from Canada: The Checklist

  1. Have I obtained by business number from the CRA?
  2. Are the goods I am exporting legally allowed into the country of final destination?
  3. Have I calculated my final costs for export? (including service fees)
  4. Do the goods I am exporting require a permit?
  5. Do the goods I am exporting require an export declaration? If so obtain the 8 digit export code
  6. Depending on mode of transport, there may be a minimum export reporting time – ask your broker or forwarder



Hope that helps, happy exporting from Clearit.ca!