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Customs Consulting and More: The Full Scope of a Customs Broker

A customs broker does more than move a package…

Tariff codes, financial documentation, local laws, duty valuations—trying to organize all the moving parts of importing and exporting on your own is a pain. If you’re in the business of—or looking to get into the business of—shipping your goods cross-border, you may have heard of a customs broker and how they can make your life easier.

What you may not have heard of is all the different services a customs broker can offer a business.

Customs Consulting

Customs consulting services take the pain out of importing and exporting by starting at the very beginning. Contacting a customs broker for customs consulting means peace of mind that your goods are classified properly before you even begin the importing and exporting process.

Customs Brokerage

Rather than trying to keep track of your goods and their clearances on your own, a customs broker facilitates shipment and clearance for you. Whether you’re shipping by land, air, sea, or a combination of such, a customs broker will ensure your goods are ready for every leg of the journey and cleared at their ports along the way.

ITN Number Requests

Goods over $2,500 in value purchased in America need an ITN/AES Number to be shipped to Canada. ITN/AES Numbers are used to declare the value and number of exports to the United States Census Bureau, and you need one to export high-value goods—and using a customs broker makes getting that number easier. Rather than trying to deal with filing for an ITN on your own, a customs broker deals with the paperwork for you.

Non-Resident Clearance

You do not need to be a Canadian to do business in Canada. A customs broker is there to facilitate imports and exports for you, taking the pressure off of you or your customers to handle customs processes on your own. With cross-border shipping made easy and seamless, you can expand your business into Canada without delay for your customers.


Using a customs broker means making your business easier. With a comprehensive set of services, customs brokers are there for your goods and your business to help you expand.

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