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Lots of calls and messages coming through for brief and easy explanations on how a commercial importer or even just an individual can clear customs easily. We do have TONS of content on the site as to how this works but we here at understand that there are a lot of first timers or those who don’t import as often so we put something together with you specifically in mind.

(1) You have decided to import products from a foreign country because of competitive pricing. seems like a pretty good deal, but have you looked into what the final costs would be to import these items? After duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and freight have been paid, is it still worth it to import?

(2) You have decided that even with the added cost, importing these goods still makes economic sense. So, you have put an order in with your supplier, and have arranged for transportation. the first thing you want to be sure of as a commercial importer (importing for your business) is that you have a BN/GST number in place. The business number (BN) is a common client identifier for businesses to simplify their dealings with federal, provincial, and municipal governments. It is based on the idea of one business, one number. Each business requires one BN for its legal entity. A legal entity is defined as a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, trust or other organization. With this number, your customs broker will open an importer account. As an individual, you do not need a BN/GST number as your import with be considered “casual” and can be imported under your Customs Brokers BN/GST Number.

(3) collect all the paperwork you can; the more info you can give your broker, the better. most important is the Commercial invoice. This is just a fancy way of saying “the bill”, but there are some key aspects that must be listed on the document

(a) The Seller

(b) The Buyer

(c) Price per Item

(d) country of origin (where the goods were manufactured)

 other then that, in the case of a truck shipment we need the Manifest, for an air shipment an AirWay Bill is mandatory, and in the case of an ocean shipment, an original Bill of Lading. If your goods were sent by a courrier (FedEx, UPS), a tracking number will do just fine!

Have all this in order? can take it from here!


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