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Crossing the border with cash $10,000+

Hit it big at the poker tables out of town? This post is for you. Here’s what to expect crossing the border with cash.


One major problem facing Canada and the rest of the world today is money laundering and terrorist financing. Since 9/11, Canada has introduced even stricter measures to counter the insurgency of this practice; including the Proceeds of crime and terrorist financing act.  This piece of legislation does not restrict the flow of currency across our borders, but rather makes the declaration of amounts equal or greater than $10,000.00 mandatory  -including bills, coins, bonds, travelers cheques, etc. 


How do i declare an amount over $10,000?


In person: Form E677 and present it to closest CBSA office

By Mail: If sending amounts equal or greater than $10,000 by mail, you MUST include a completed E677  form as well as a Universal Postal Convention Label and attach it to the item being mailed.

By Courier: If sending amounts equal or greater than $10,000 by mail Courier, a completed E668 form must be attached to a E667 and forwarded by the conveyor to a CBSA office



Failure to report

Failure to report Amounts equal or greater to $10,000.00 CAD may be sugject to seizure and penalties ranging from $250.00 – $5,000.00


crossing the border with cash