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Clearing customs at a highway border point with

Clearing Customs: Highway border points 

Many people ask us how a shipment manages to clear customs at a highway border point.  You may be in Toronto, but your shipment can cross through Pacific Highway in BC in the middle of the night.  Thanks to your trusty customs broker, we make it very simple!

First of all, we can clear at any border point in Canada with our LIVE EDI link to Canada Customs. We typically receive the shipment information prior to the truck crossing the border. The shipment information consists of commercial invoice, packing lists, bill of lading, and a PARS (Pre-Arrival Review System) barcode.  The transport company tells us where and when they will be crossing.  We take all of this data add a little magic and transmit it to customs so that they know whats coming, when its coming and who its coming for…and TADA! Your shipment shows up at the border, the driver shows that same PARS barcode and goes through to deliver to you! | Canada Imports

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