The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has initiated an investigation under the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA) over the alleged dumping and subsidizing of certain wind towers from China.

Dumping occurs when goods are sold to importers in Canada at prices that are lower than the selling price of comparable goods in the country of export or when goods are sold to Canada at unprofitable prices.

The subject goods are defined as certain steel utility wind towers and sections:

  • with or without flanges, doors, or internal or external components (e.g., flooring/decking/platforms, ladders, lifts, brackets, electrical busbars, electrical cabling, conduit, cable harness for nacelle generator, interior lighting, tool and storage lockers) attached or adjoined to the wind tower or section, and
  • whether or not they are joined with non-subject merchandise, such as nacelles or rotor blades, and whether or not they have internal or external components attached to the subject merchandise,
  • but excluding,
  1. nacelles and rotors (e.g. blades and hubs), regardless of whether they are attached to the wind tower or sections,
  2. flanges, doors and internal or external components which are not attached to the wind towers or sections thereof, unless those components are shipped with the wind towers or sections and are intended to be attached to the wind tower or sections as part of its final assembly or construction
  • The wind towers and sections are designed to, or capable of, supporting the nacelle and rotor blades for a wind turbine with both:
    • a minimum rated electrical power generation capacity in excess of 100 kilowatts, and
    • with a minimum height of 50 meters measured from the base of the tower to the bottom of the nacelle (i.e., where the top of the tower and nacelle are joined) when fully assembled,

The subject goods are usually classified under the tariff classification number 7308.20.00.00, however they can also be imported under the tariff number 8502.31.00.00, in particular if they are imported with other wind turbine components, such as the nacelle or rotors.

The CBSA will investigate whether the imports are being dumped and/or subsidized and will make preliminary decisions within 90 days, at which time provisional duties may apply.

Additional information about the investigations will be available in a Statement of Reasons that will be available within 15 days.

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