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New Rules: Cross Border Shopping

Today marks a new chapter in our relationship with U.S. Retailers. New rules governing the amount of money Canadians are allowed to spend south of the border goes into effect today. 

In most cases, the increases are substantial. whereas an over night stay in the U.S. allowed for up to $50.00 CAD worth of merchandise Duty free, Canadians are now able to return with up to $200.00 CAD in goods. The limit has double for those staying between 2-7 days; going from $400 to $800, and those gone for a week has increased from $750 to $800. It is important to note however, that Canadians are still prohibited from bringing back any duty-free goods purchased on a same-day outing to the U.S. (Americans are able to bring back $200 on same-day returns)

For some great information on cross-border shopping, check out this great website with plenty of helpful hints for Canadians to shop & save.

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