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Canadian Customs Broker: Clearing goods at all ports across Canada

As a Canadian Customs Broker, can clear personal or commercial shipments across all ports in Canada. Whether it is an airport, ocean port, border point, or even an inland port, online customs broker has  the capability and expertise to get it done.


I use to clear my Canadian imports, can they handle my exports as well? 

Canadian Customs brokers are just that, Canadian. Unfortunately cannot handle the customs clearance into the US or elsewhere besides Canada, but we can offer you export services. Customs clearances must be handled by a broker with a license in the country of destination. 


How do Customs policies differ between countries? Can a Canadian Customs Broker inform me of customs policies in other countries? 

Customs brokerage, just like any other “custom” is very different in each country. While Canada and Australia have similar procedures for Customs, the do differ greatly enough that a Canadian customs broker would not feel comfortable giving you advice on an Australian customs related issue. Even a country as close as the United States as greatly differing rules and regulations. The difference between US and Canadian customs is night and day!


Do other Canadian Customs brokers offer automated and LIVE services like yours?

While there are other Canadian customs brokers that offer document uploads on their website, there is no other Canadian Customs Broker quite like is a 100% ONLINE broker. We offer LIVE, on the spot customs clearances with LIVE Canadian agents. The entire process from A-Z can be done from our website with no complication.

simply submit a request for a clearance and attach your documents. A live agent will instantly respond to your request, process it, and forward you your invoice, B3, as well as link for secure payment online. Most clearances (if ready to be cleared at the border) can be completed within 20 minutes or less. 


Canadian Customs Broker


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