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Canadian Customs Broker: The difference

Canadian Customs Broker

A quick google search of “Canadian Customs Broker” brings up a plethora of information about customs brokerage. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of brokers, trying to draw in your business. So how do you separate us? pick out the good from the bad? Well, there are a number of way to do this:

Is your Customs Broker asking for money up front?

If your Customs Broker asks you for money up front… run. No legitimate broker will ever charge you a dime without first presenting you with a completed B3 form. Here at, you will not see an invoice from us until we have gone over your documents, been contacted by your shipping company, and completed your entry for customs. you can get your account set up for free here.

Does your Customs Broker offer free tools to help you or your business?

Most brokers these days are a one-trick pony. They clear your goods through customs and send you a bill. Fine, that’s great if you have been doing this for years but what if you need a helping hand? What if before you place an order, you want to talk to your broker about your options? With your average broker, just asking questions can cost you hundreds of dollars. Que the self service tools. Use our Duty and Tax calculator to calculate exact import costs before making a purchase. Our HS code quick-search tool to properly classify your own goods or sign up for a free Discount parcel shipping account to save up to 60% on all major parcel carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and CanPar. has tons of free services to use at your disposal, use them to your advantage.

Is your Customs Broker easy to communicate with?

Most brokerage accounts take between 2-3 days to set up and a quick phone call with a question can lead to hours of waiting time. At, all accounts are set up on-line and can be completed in less then 60 seconds. Once your account is open, you have a 24 hour/day open line of communication with your broker agent. uses a ticketing system to make sure all questions and concerns are answered immediately and no need to log into a dashboard; all communications come in as an email, keeping everything familiar and searchable. don’t have access to your email or have a quick question about something you see on our website? has LIVE chat help on each and every page. Just start typing and a customs specialist will instantly reply to any of your needs

What about pricing?

Pricing is always an important factor when choosing any product or service, but how can you be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck?‘s pricing is simple. If your goods are worth less than $200.00, $34.95 service fee. Any value higher and the flat fee jumps to $49.95. Compared to most advertised prices, this is incredibly affordable. How are we able to do this? Again, uses an online platform which has allowed us to trim the fat from the business. We are lean, mean, clearing machines. The average customs entry, if done out by the layman, can take several hours to complete. Between classifying your goods, filling out  your own B3, and of course, driving to a Canada Border Services Agency office, paying fifty bucks for a clearance is a dream come true. Not only are we saving you time and gas money, we are also saving you from potential penalties. even the smallest error on a customs declaration can cost thousands of dollars.

For over 3 years now, has helped small business and individual importer save millions of dollars in fees. Sign up for free and give us a try!


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