The majority of Canadians considering trucking the most important mode of transportation when it comes to getting goods delivered across Canada, according to a survey published by the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

According to the survey, just over half of Canadians polled (51%) ranked trucking the most important, significantly higher than rail (19%), air (18%) and marine (13%).

Source: Canadian Trucking Alliance

Canadians were nearly unanimous (96%) in believing that labour shortages in trucking and logistics impacted Canada’s supply chain and the ability to go to market.

More than 60% of respondents believed that trucking labour shortages are impacting the food supply chain in a major way. As well, 67% believed that the current shortage of retail products can be directly attributed to the lack of labour in trucking.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance recently presented the Federal Government with an investment strategy to help stabilize the supply chain. Recommendations included:

  • Institutionalized training funding for the trucking industry
  • Driver Inc enforcement on both labour and tax evasion abuses
  • Actioning Supply Chain Task Force Recommendations
  • Environmental Action Plan for Trucking Industry
  • Investment in Border Programs and Technologies
  • Rest Stop Investment along Trans-Canada Highway

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