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The World’s Top Legal Dealer: Canada’s Marijuana Exports

Canadian marijuana exports are on the rise, and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, with the exception of one grower in the Netherlands, Canada has the only licensed producers (LPs) that can grow for the export market.

Beyond this, the surge is driven by Canadian LPs using overseas shipments as a way to establish and grow local partnerships in foreign markets. Health Canada has approved the sale of 528,000 kilograms of dried marijuana, and 900 litres of marijuana oil for the fiscal year.

Today, export sales make up only a portion of medical marijuana sales in Canada — but the potential is there, and LPs are taking advantage of it. Canada’s LPs are working to capitalize on growing medical marijuana markets in countries like Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia.

Canada’s top exporters include:

CanniMed Therapeutics
Canopy Growth
Cronos Group

These exporters believe that Canada is in a favorable position to be the global leader in this industry. Canada’s licensed producers are poised to grow their exports in 2018, further servicing niche markets and establishing local operations abroad. LPs predict that the international medical marijuana market has significant long-term business potential. The question is, will they be quick enough to capture a portion of the global market before other countries move in.

As the first to market in many international regions, LPs are placing priority on entering into commercial export agreements and developing their international relations. This puts Canada in a great position. While the legal Canadian market is anticipated in the next year or two, Canada’s population of 35 million is nothing compared to the potential international market of individuals that will be able to legally consume marijuana products. As one of the world’s only exporters, Canada is ready to get others high on their supply.