Canada and Mexico have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) recognizing each other’s national organic systems as equivalent. The Canada Mexico Organic Equivalency Agreement (CMOEA) applies to agricultural products of plant original, processed foods of plant original, livestock and livestock products grown or produced in Canada or whose final processing and packaging occurs in Canada, and agricultural products of plant origin, as well as processed foods of plant original grown or produced in Mexico whose final processing and packaging occurs in Mexico.

As of Feb. 15, 2023, the following Mexican organic products are covered under the Canada Mexico Organic Equivalency Agreement can be sold in Canada:

Canada’s import requirements

  • agricultural products of plant origin including fungi
  • processed foods of plant origin
  • beekeeping products

These products may use AGRICULTURA’s national seal for organic products.

Mexican exporters may use the Canada organic logo, in accordance with section 13 of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

Mexican organic products must be accompanied by an organic certificate and export certificate that attests to compliance with the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, issued by a certification body that is under supervision of AGRICULTURA through SENASICA, and is accredited and approved in compliance with the LPO.

Copy of the export certificate template is shared with SENASICA approved CBs that are trained and are qualified to issue an export certificate of organic products for shipments destined to Canada. Both documents must accompany each shipment sent to Canada.

The list of the SENASICA approved Certification Bodies can be found on the Gobierno de México website.

Mexican organic agricultural products outside the scope of the agreement

Livestock and products from Mexican organic livestock, including processed foods of animal origin, may be imported and sold in Canada as organic, if they are certified under the Canadian Organic Standard CAN/CGSNB 32.310 by a CFIA-accredited CB. These organic products must be accompanied by a valid organic certificate, issued by a CFIA-accredited CB.

Canada’s labelling requirements

All Mexican organic products covered under the Memorandum of Understanding and imported into Canada must comply with the Canadian labelling requirements and may bear the Canada organic logo. A copy of the logo must be requested from the Mexican CBs responsible for the certification.

Read the Canadian labelling requirements here.

All foods imported to Canada must meet the regulatory requirements under the Safe Food for Canadians Act and regulations and the Food and Drug Act and regulations.

Mexican organic products imported into Canada for re-export

Mexican organic products certified to the Mexican organic standard and imported to Canada cannot be re-exported to the United States or used as ingredients in products destined for the US market under the U.S.-Canada Organic Equivalency Arrangement. These products may be used as ingredients in processed products certified under the Canada Organic Regime and exported to other countries. To stay informed on trade news and other important updates, PARTNER UP WITH A CUSTOMS BROKER HERE.