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Canada Customs Invoice: The Low-Down

Canada Customs Invoice

A commercial invoice is a requirement of the CBSA (remember: Canada Border Services Agency) for importing into Canada.  An invoice can take on many forms,  we’ve seen some in the form of lipstick on a napkin – no that won’t work.  A commercial invoice illustrates the transaction that takes place between the buyer and seller.  At the most basic level, it shows who the seller is, who the purchaser is and the pricing information.  You would think that was enough? Right?  Wrong! Canada Customs is going to need a whole lot more information about your transaction. 

A Canada Customs Invoice or CCI as its commonly referred to is a fool-proof way of giving all the information to us at  By filling out each mandatory field, you’re basically answering the questions that customs wants to know.  For example: What is the date of the sale?  Are there any additional costs included in the price of the goods? Whats the description of the goods (its nice to know the product code is TMZ44234, but what exactly is a TMZ44234?).  

We’re not going to just talk about a Canada Customs Invoice without letting you see what one looks like.  You can access a fillable Canada Customs Invoice here.  But here’s the greatest news you’ve read all day – when you clear your shipment with we prepare the CCI for you (free of charge).  Thats right! A free CCI to keep and call your own is included in all our standard clearance fees.

To clear your shipment today, with a live customs agent just click the Start Your Clearance button on our homepage 

If you need instructions to fill a Canada Customs invoice, click here | Canadian Customs Broker | Canada Customs Invoice

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