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Attract Canadian Customers with a Sound Shipping Strategy



The Internet has changed the business landscape forever. There is no going back, and this is especially true for retailers who have ventured into e-commerce. A small retailer may turn into a global giant in a matter of months, thanks to the online business model. E-commerce business is easily scalable, and many companies find fast growth online.

Just as many companies also struggle to flourish online. While the potential for fast earnings is great online, the possibility of earning nothing is also common. To ensure online business success, e-commerce retailers must differentiate themselves from the herd of online hustlers. One of the easiest ways to separate your e-commerce business from the pack is through a sound shipping strategy.

Canadian Customers Love U.S. E-Commerce

Canada is often the most logical step for U.S e-commerce companies looking to go international. This is due to a couple of factors. First, many find shipping to Canada from the U.S. to be simple and cost-effective compared to other nations. As well, more than 60 of Canadians purchase goods online from U.S. websites.

How to Attract Canadian Customers

If you are looking to break into the Canadian market online, then you need to attract Canadian customers. Many online retailers find difficulties when first expanding internationally, like:

  • Regulatory guidelines
  • Customs clearance
  • Shipping costs

…And much more!

Every retailer beginning to ship into Canada will experience these same issues. The U.S. and Canada share a border and an international trade agreement. One would assume trading between the two countries, or selling online from the U.S. to Canada, would be easy. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

When attracting customers, most businesses must find a way to offer low shipping rates. Canadian consumers are quite sensitive to shipping costs, as many individuals only shop online to save money.

Once you begin selling in Canada, you’ll need to have an understanding of customs clearance and regulatory guidelines in the country. This can be difficult for an individual who is first starting out in the international e-commerce game.

Take Advantage Now – Holiday Season is Vital!

Many e-commerce retailers begin to get overwhelmed when they go international. It does not have to be difficult to grow your business in Canada. With the help of a logistics partner in Canada, you can find low-cost shipping that is reliable and fast – while still taking into consideration regulatory compliance guidelines, customs clearance, and more. Your logistics partner will help you understand:

  • Shipping costs
  • Duties
  • Regulatory guidelines and fines
  • Brokerage fees
  • Taxes
  • Fulfillment centers

As the holidays approach, the time is now to start shipping internationally. Sales are projected to skyrocket in November and December, as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of the holidays roll in. The Canadian market takes off around this time. Contact the best logistics partner in Canada today and begin your non-resident importing before the holidays begin.