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How to Appoint a Customs Broker

How to appoint a Customs Broker: It’s Easy!

Courier/Parcel Shipments:

If you are sending you items via courier/parcel service (i.e.: FedEx, UPS, DHL)  and you want to appoint a customs broker, simply have your tracking number handy give them a call.

The operator will ask you for your tracking number and once confirmed, simply ask to update the brokerage information to Customs Brokers. If anymore information is needed, it can be found on our Contact Us page.

Why can’t notify the carrier of a brokerage change? Legally, the consent for brokerage must come from the importer of record, in that case, you!

Ocean Shipment:

To appoint a customs broker for an Ocean shipment, Simply contact your Vendor or Forwarding Agent. Especially when importing goods via ocean, you should be contacted directly about brokerage. Give the Customs Broker name, phone number, fax number, and if possible, a contact name. If you are not contacted directly, call your forwarding agent to arrange customs brokerage. 

Air shipment:

For Air Cargo, you must either contact the airline directly (if booked with an airline) or Contact the agent who set it up with a carrier (agent information can be found on the airway bill). Be sure to tell them is customs clearing the goods and don’t forget to provide them with our fax number to receive the documents (1.888.794.2775). Provide the airway bill to us and we can handle this for you.

Truck Cargo:

Contact the carrier directly or vendor and tell them is brokering your goods for customs and provide them with our fax number for documents (1.888.794.2775). provide us with your carrier details and we can do it for you.

Hope that helped! if you have any other questions about how to appoint a customs broker or in general, feel free to contact us.