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Advantages of Non-Resident Importing

With a weaker loonie and Canadian customers that keep on turning up to do their shopping online and cross-border; it’s the perfect mix of events for any business owner looking to tap into the Northern market. Although exporting goods to Canada comes with its series of various fees and tariffs, there is one way that exporters can achieve exporting goals and developing a larger presence in Canada.

Using Your Unfair Advantage

In reality, your unfair advantage is really just another way to talk about your competitive advantage; the thing you do that others don’t. To grow your business in Canada, as an international exporter, you can use the Non-Resident Importer Program which will help you boost sales in Canada while minimizing the costs related to exportation.

As the Importer of Record for shipments heading into Canada, you are considered as a Non-Resident Importer (NRI) which means your company doesn’t actually have a physical presence but you control the customs release process and assume the costs related to exporting your goods and products into Canada. This allows customers to easily order online and receives your product, avoiding border hassles and extra fees. Simple as 1,2,3.

Your NRI Benefits

Becoming a Non-Resident Importer comes with its lot of benefits, here are a few:

  • Avoiding border hassle and surprise fees for Canadian customers
  • Being able to provide a price guarantee in order to leverage more sales
  • Capitalizing on NAFTA
  • Reducing brokerage fees by simplifying customs documents
  • Creating an advantage over your competitors without impacting profits
  • Compete with Canadian firms without additional expenses related to a Canadian-based operation
  • Take advantage of Canada’s trade agreement by shipping your products from participating foreign countries as there is no need to have the goods land in your origin location first.

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The best benefit of being an NRI is by far the positive impact it will have on your customer service: having your goods delivered across the border without unexpected duty fees or taxes for your client is a great way to say “thank you”. In exchange, you’ll build a loyal base of clients, happy clients all while growing your business in Canada. Take advantage of your unfair advantage.

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