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Do I Actually Need A Customs Broker?

Whether you’re just jumping into imports for the first time, or you’re a well-established business that has been importing for decades, your operations would likely benefit from working with a customs broker. 

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This is surely not the first time, nor will it be the last, that we will define what a customs broker is on this blog! We aim to educate those that seek information on the processes surrounding the shipment of goods — so when you ask, we deliver.

What is a customs broker? 

Customs brokers help importers pull all required documentation together to clear customs as quickly and smoothly as possible. At this point, there are over 200,000 importers that deal with Canada Border Services Agency each year — a number only set to grow! Working with a customs broker can help ease the number of importers waiting at the border with their goods.

Without any further ado, let’s get into today’s topic. Quite simply, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about whether or not a customs broker is required in order to clear customs for a particular shipment. Keep reading to learn more…

Why would you need to work with a customs broker? 

It is definitely no secret that clearing commercial shipments through customs can be a difficult process, with potentially disastrous outcomes if too many mistakes are made. These mistakes can actually be quite costly and time-consuming to fix, which can severely impact the business. 

Working in partnership with a customs broker to get your goods moving smoothly is the obvious solution. These certified brokers make sure that processes are followed to a T — meaning that the shipment can actually be cleared more quickly and easily. Letting a broker worry about these administrative procedures gives you more time to focus on your core business.

Here is a quick summary of the top 3 benefits of working with a customs broker: 

1 – They stay updated on all legal shifts in the industry 

It is a customs broker’s job to stay apprised of all regulatory or policy changes that would apply to the shipment of your commercial goods, so there’s no need to waste energy staying on top of it all. You can redirect your energy into helping your business continue to grow.

2 – They help streamline your organizational processes

Who would have known that someone taking care of all your shipment’s documentation could save you that much time and money!? Because of their industry expertise, they can help improve the efficiency of your shipment operations and make recommendations to stay competitive.

3 – They can use their experience to provide business advice

Because brokers constantly keep their ear to the ground and working with global experts in trade, they can provide tips and tricks to bringing your operations to the next level based on what they’ve seen in the past.

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As an importer, you will be held responsible for the accuracy of your declaration documentation as well as record-keeping. That’s why it’s critical that you set yourself up for success by working with a customs broker for your shipments. They help you keep your documents clean and tidy, so you can ensure you’re ready in the event of an audit.


We often refer to working with a customs broker as a “partnership” and that’s because they do treat their clients as business partners — their success is your success and vice versa!

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