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4 Tips to Clear Customs & Avoid Delays, Fees, and Penalties


Clearing customs is not necessarily the first thing that crosses your mind when you are looking to expand your business by shipping across borders. Growing a business is incredibly exciting, but moving forward with attention to detail is essential to ensure that things go smoothly.

Navigating the web of regulations in place can be difficult, but gearing up to ship goods responsibly is essential to avoiding delays, fees, and penalties. No one likes paperwork and red tape, but the reality is that there’s no avoiding it.

Get your papers in order

Pay close attention to which customs forms you need, and take note that particular requirements can vary not only from country to country, but they may vary regionally as well.

It is important to fill out all required forms as accurately as possible, in as much detail as possible. This will help in reducing any delays or confusion caused by giving customs officials everything they need to know. The easier it is for an official to get information from you, the easier it is for them to send shipments along their way.

Read the news

Keeping up-to-date on all things related to trade is useful in preparing for a shift in regulations and requirements. Our political climate is always in a state of flux, meaning international shipping regulatory framework is ever-changing.
Rules can change overnight. The stakes are often high in these situations, leaving you high and dry with delays, fees, and/or penalties.

e-Commerce is international

It is now easier than ever to start an online shop. With that, there’s been an exponential spike in first-time exporters. If your product is searchable by web, then its reach is international, and your products have the potential to move across borders.
That means it’s important to have an understanding of the regulations in countries you are doing business in. The growth of e-commerce businesses also means a spike in people looking for guidance. It has never been easier to get shipping advice. Customs agents are available to chat with you at the click of a button here.

Working with a customs broker

Shippers that would rather not deal with the nitty gritty of exporting may appoint a customs broker to do so on their behalf. A customs broker’s job is to assist in the release and account of goods imported to Canada, all while assuring compliance with regulations.

Above all else, a customs broker saves you time and money. Working with Clearit.ca is fast, you can chat with live agents, on demand to process your shipment and answer questions.

The best part? There are no hidden fees. We have simple, flat fee clearance charges.

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