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3 Clear Signs You NEED To Be Contacting A Customs Broker

Customs brokers are useful assets for any importing business, but how do you know what the perfect time to contact one is? If you’ve never worked with a customs broker before, you may be feeling a little lost about whether or not you really need one.

While even the smallest importing businesses will benefit from the expertise of a customs broker, there are three clear signs that you really need to start working with one right away — and not heeding their advice can lead to costly and time-wasting obstacles for your business.

Your shipments have started to increase

Congratulations! Your business is booming. Maybe you’re a non-resident importer who is enjoying the benefits of a whole new consumer base, or maybe an imported product has started to take off locally. Whatever the case, your shipments have increased to the point where you’re feeling a little overwhelmed.

Reaching customers quickly is imperative to continue your growth. A customs broker, especially one with a wide network of connections, will help.

Outsourcing your customs process to a broker takes the responsibility to follow through the entire process off your shoulders, giving you time to focus on selling your goods and obtaining new customers.

You want to save money

Looking to cut costs in your business? Outsource your customs procedures!

Customs brokers in Canada often have automated processes to communicate with customs far faster than businesses can communicate themselves. By working with a customs broker, their optimized in-house systems are available to you — and because they specialise in only customs procedures, they can be more efficient than trying to deal with customs on your own.

With no customs related IT, hardware, training, or additional employee expenditures, you save a lot of extra (and sometimes unpredictable!) cost. One predictable brokerage fee is much easier and more cost-effective to budget for.

International trade laws seems to be in flux

International trade laws change constantly. Even times of stable trade treaties and agreements can be upended by one policy change from one country you don’t even think you’re connected to. Keeping track of every change impacting every aspect of international trade laws is, quite literally, a full time job.

Instead of focusing your effort on trying to constantly keep up, you can contact a customs broker. Retaining a customs broker’s services allows you to get solid, up-to-date advice on changing regulations, relevant tariffs, classification practices and changes, and more.

The advice a customs broker can give you is particularly valuable if you’re shipping products that fall under regulatory bodies like the FDA, the USDA, or equivalent bodies in the product’s country of origin. By using a customs broker to ensure all your imports follow trade laws and regulations to the letter, you’ll save time on paperwork and customs delays.

Contacting a customs broker

While there are clear signs you need to contact a customs broker, you also don’t need to wait until you see all three — or even one! — to start working with one. Contacting a customs broker for your import business as soon as possible will allow you to develop a strong working relationship to tackle the future of your business!