Improvements to Nexus

Members of the Nexus program will be receiving further benefits from the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) as a result of the government of Canada’s Beyond the Border Action Plan. These benefits include:

  1. Streamlined membership renewal process
  2. Eight new NEXUS lanes at six of the major land ports of entry
  3. Expanded Trusted Traveler Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) security screening lines in pre-clearance areas at major Canadian airports
  4. Expedited clearance through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Pre-Check lanes at over 100 participating U.S. airports for domestic, trans-border and select international fights.
  5. NEXUS members will no longer be required to undergo an in-person renewal interview

 Currently the CBSA’s NEXUS kiosks have simply become out dated, and inefficient. The CBSA plans on replacing these kiosks with next generation technology which will provide more reliable and efficient service to NEXUS members. Recently members have been experiencing difficulties using these kiosks and the CBSA is planning on replacing them at all major Canadian airport. Updates to the system are expected to accelerate border-crossing processes while maintaining public safety. An ambitious campaign to increase NEXUS membership is under way as well. NEXUS has created a much more enjoyable travel experience for regular travelers while shortening wait times for those who travel less frequently . 

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