How can help my small Business? Part 3's Blog on Customs Brokerage and News Updates

How can help my small business? Part 3: Trucking / Freight Forwarding


One headache many freight forwarders/trucking companies face on a daily basis is Broker-less cargo. This is cross border cargo given to them with no Customs Broker attached. Many times this cargo is for a client who is unfamiliar with the importing process or who imports very infrequently. It is now up to you, the forwarder/trucker to advise your client of a broker.


In most cases, it can take several days just to set up an account with a Customs broker and then another day or two to clear the goods. With, there is no account set up, and most clearances can be done within 2 hours of first contact (if all paperwork is accounted for); this is due to our online presence. Compared with traditional customs brokers where documents are faxed in or emailed to a queue of customs entries, our service is live when you want it. We collect all of the information extremely efficiently and transmit all of the data via EDI directly to Canada Customs.   


With our online interface, your clients are able to contact us instantly and begin the process of customs clearing live and on-the-spot through our secure workspace. Here, you can communicate and collaborate in real time with our customs agents, upload documents directly, and track the status of your goods.


As a forwarder, you are also eligible for out referral program. For every clearance we process, receive $5. We send checks or gift cards after pre-set goals are reached ($50, $100, $200, etc.)


With, get your goods cleared when YOU need it. - Freight Trucking Canada